There is science behind the many blessings of gratitude. Improved health and increased happiness top the list. The evidence is clear, that consistent daily gratitude is a simple way to add joy into your daily life. I started just noticing where JOY showed up or jotting down at least one thing I was grateful for – this took moments. After a while, I noticed more and more and I started journaling 5 – 10 minutes a day. The key for me was making it easy and it became fun. Focusing on the small things to be grateful for that happen during your day, helps develop a more positive attitude, and you begin to recognize there are many blessings that you experience each day.

Find a notebook or a simple mason jar to hold your notes of gratitude. Each day, you’ll find special moments that bring you joy. I encourage you to write a note about where you are finding gratitude each day. Add those notes to your journal or jar. Let it be fun!

For me, I’m choosing a Gratitude Jar to fill each day, then when I need a joyful reminder, I can open my memories and feel the JOY all over again. I hope you all join me in creating more and more gratitude in any way you find the most uplifting.

Here are a few books that you can read to learn more about how daily gratitude can transform your life.  And here are a few recommended gratitude journals.