In this Season of Thanksgiving ~

Our Thoughts Turn Gratefully To The Families We Serve, to the Professionals who provide our Clients and our Community with Outstanding Support and to our Friends and Family who hold our hands and our hearts as we dedicate our very best for those who truly need our service
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!!!

Tips for Thanksgiving with Your Loved Ones

Thanksgiving brings our families together, sharing meals and memories. We love all the traditions and each year we make room for new memories. What I love the most is melding both the new and the old together. I feel a sense of responsibility as the keeper of traditions and yet I also am open to carving out new experiences. On that note, I’d like to pass on some helpful tips for sharing and showing gratitude to our loved ones.

~ reminisce about the old days
~ bring over a traditional pie or some leftover turkey and stuffing
~ ask questions that evoke conversation
~ pay attention to the details

Stay tuned for more helpful hints, tips, and checklists….

In Thanksgiving and Gratitude,