We are heartbroken! These past few months have been brought a new perspective to us all. Two weeks of staying at home led to months of social distancing and quarantine. The quiet calm and empty spaces were ominously surreal. I could feel a rattling build within me as I watched or read the news streamed from TV to social media and eagerly awaited the daily government briefings.

My husband, daughter and I were safe at home. Our son, mothers, family members and friends were safely tucked away in their homes too. Yet – I knew what was coming and all I could do was wait to support those families in need. I am an Elder Care Coordinator. We are Elder Life Care PlanningElder Life Care Planning and our main purpose is to provide an umbrella of support for Elders and their families so they can be safely wrapped in the hammock of support.

Our Team is Heartbroken

I am very grateful to say that our family and team our family and team at Elder Life Care Planning are healthy and doing well. Unfortunately, as was predicted, we lost the precious lives of many sweet elders. I virtually held the hands of their loved ones as they embraced saying goodbye through an electronic screen, weeping and grieving in solitude. I have never felt so helpless, heartbroken yes, as I have experienced the loss of loved ones, but never alone grieving in silence.

The Support We Provide

It is my privilege to be the woman who continues to create opportunities of support for families who are navigating not only the everyday challenges of their loved ones but also the fear of what to do as this pandemic directly affects them. I am grateful to stand beside proactive seniors who understand the value of planning before the storm arrives and those who have stumbled into a crisis and would love someone to advocate someone to advocate on their behalf and coordinate what is needed for their safe return home. These are only a few ways that I am committed to serving our community.

~”Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness.” ~ Desmond Tutu